This area of the Dingle Peninsula is a Gaeltacht
where Irish (Gaelic) is the spoken tongue.

These cottages are owned and operated by my husband and me, Alec and Philomena Úi Chonchúir (O’Connor). Our families have lived in this area for generations; we were born here and our first language was Irish (Gaelic). If you are looking for a truly Irish experience, that is exactly what we offer.

Our six children, who also speak Irish, have fled the nest and are doing for themselves. Two of our sons, Niall and Brian, run the award-winning restaurant, AN CANTEEN, located on Dykegate Lane in Dingle town. Another son, Declan, owns the sheep you see in the pastures around our cottages. All our children help us clean and maintain them (the cottages, not the sheep) and we are lucky to have them as they are exceptionally good at this.

Alec and I live a simple life at the base of Cruach Mhárthain very close to where our cottages are located. We enjoy sharing the incredible beauty of this land with others and hope you will give us the opportunity to be your hosts. You will not regret it!

We know that you have worked hard and saved your money to stay in one of our cottages, and we do our best to ensure that your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Many of our guests have been coming to us for years.

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A note from the webmaster :

My husband and I come to Tig Meaig every year. We can personally vouch for Phil and Alec and their family and know they will treat you better than you can imagine.

All of the photos (except those taken by Scott Atherton, another long-time visitor) were taken by us so they are authentic. The photos of the rooms are as they looked when we arrived, they are not staged professional photos, and the activities listed on the Local Attractions page are things we’ve actually done.

Your experience in these cottages will be as it is represented on this website.

Barb Healy

Location of Cottages in Ireland

Driving distances to AIRPORTS
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Dublin Airport: 232 miles (373 km) approx. 5 hour drive.
Shannon Airport: 120 miles (191 km) approx. 3 hour drive.
Cork Airport: 105 miles (170 km) approx. 3 hour drive.
Kerry Airport: 47 miles (75 km) approx. 1.5 hour drive.

Location of Cottages on Dingle Peninsula and with respect to Dingle town

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